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Hey friends I'm Tia Thompson!! I am passionate about life and authentically living one to its fullest potential. Im a natural born artist who grew up feeling a little misfit but always knew I would go on to follow my dreams or die trying. I moved to LA where I’m pursuing my dreams and working several other jobs (about 6) … (Yes I’m being real with you, 6 jobs) to support myself. With all the life stresses weighing me down, fitness has been such a blessing and has carried me through some of my hardest and most amazing times. 

In my younger years I suffered a head illness that told me my body was me, and that it wasn’t good enough. After a conversation with my ballet teacher at the time I was so discouraged that I developed eating disorders and let the disapproval of my ballet teachers opinion on my body dictate my opinions of my self worth. It was such a dark time for me. After a few months of therapy I was ready to approach food and working out with a healthier mindset. I found Kristi and we got to work right away. She empowered me with education and confidence to transform my life. 

  In 2017 I was hit by a 3,000 lb truck going 60 mi an hour on the highway. As a result, I had right hip surgery and spent 2 months laying in bed recovering thinking to myself “Am I ever going to dance again?” I had several moments filled with so much fear that I would physically never be the same. Although sometimes the anxiety got the best of me, I knew that with the knowledge and confidence Kristi helped me find once upon a time, we would find it again. I am so happy to report that even with the odds against me, I am in the best shape I have ever been in my life. 

I am here to help people embody healthy mindsets needed in order to function side by side with creating healthy bodies. Theres many ways to do this and every journey is different. I have learned to love and respect my body in all different seasons it encounters. I found so many ways to sweat! Things like hiking, climbing, yoga, dance, crossfit, pilates ect. I instruct a versa climb class in Los Angeles to all my local LA friends. I found many other ways to create a healthy mindset. Honesty, vulnerability and self accountability have always played a huge role in my success with my fitness journey. When I finally embraced my authenticity and made a healthy consistent lifestyle, all the other areas in my life also elevated. I am so grateful I took the leap and picked myself up with a little help to continue moving forward in my fitness journey. I can't wait for you to see what it will do for you. 

SO WELCOME AGAIN TO MY CORNER here with my iPhysique Fitness Family and follow my journey as I play myself as the REAL LIFE

I am so excited to share with you all the knowledge and experiences I gained throughout my fitness journey.


  • My Fitness Journey has brought me so much confidence and prepared me well to be a strong Independent woman in pursuing my career in Hollywood. 
  • My Training and Nutrition Programs that keep me in shape both Mentally and Physically to Pursue a Singing and Dancing Career.
  • It's Not Easy, but I love a Challenge


  • It's a LIFESTYLE
  • Fitness- Put In Work
  • Empowering others and Uplift one another to really maximize their full potential
  • Say no to MEDIOCRITY

iPhysique Fitness Ambassador - Tia Thompson


I am so thrilled that you are deciding to give back to your beautiful bodies and willing to put in the work and effort to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

My journey was hard mentally, but physically it was quick, fun and very effective!

I really have to give it to Kristi Tauti for creating these nutrition and training programs catered towards my schedule and lifestyle, with out her I would still be scared and confused about which workouts to target this or that area, etc etc… 

Then the big one, my diet. I had a rough go in my younger teens that resulted in an unhealthy insecurities that had me so scared I wanted to hide from my own family and friends. With Kristi's help, I was empowered and given so much knowledge about the specific and down to the science decisions that determine results for my health. With no stress and simple instructions from Kristi, I was able to transform my body while feeling so empowered and educated to continue my journey with confidence. It has truly made an amazing difference in my life. 

The BEST WAY for me to give back is to offer you guys, the same education and empowerment I gained through these amazing programs. 

I am so passionate about uniting and empowering people through training and nutrition to achieve the best versions of themselves. We are better together!! So LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!!!

-Tia Thompson 

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  • Weight Workouts 3xWeek
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  • 2 Grocery Lists
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