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Welcome to iPhysique Fitness and Nutrition

Welcome to iPhysique Fitness and Nutrition

Welcome to iPhysique Fitness and NutritionWelcome to iPhysique Fitness and Nutrition
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Kristi Tauti and Pati Tauti of iPhysique Fitness

Welcome to our iPhysique Fitness and Nutrition Family. 

We are Pati and Kristi Tauti and together our world revolves around family, as well as Health and Fitness.  We strive to live not only a  Healthy lifestyle, but to live it at the most Optimal level.  In doing so we hope to inspire and teach you how to do the same.  We have a very down to earth and relatable approach to our business which helps us connect to our clients, and our community.  

Our belief is that you must build a healthy foundation first, and then create "seasonal" goals to keep that foundation sustainable. Health and Fitness is an ongoing process that will change and evolve as you do.  Our passion is to help you recognize the potential you never knew you had. We provide the tools and resources to help you build the knowledge necessary to be successful in your personal health and fitness journey. 

Let us share with you a little about our lives to that you can find a connection or common ground that will allow you to trust us with your Health and Fitness goal.  

We have been married for 17 years and have two beautiful children Talia and Levai as well as our lazy English Lab Rocky.  Pati is from the Islands of Samoa and is the youngest of 14 children.  Kristi is from the small town of Dayton, Oregon and is the middle child of 5 girls. 

We met in Hawaii while attending college at BYU-H.  Pati worked at the Polynesian Cultural Center, and Kristi was a Personal Trainer for the Professors and beginning her career as a Figure competitor.  We married and continued living in Hawaii for 5 years until it was time to start our family.  At that time we moved to Oregon and settled in starting our family and our careers.  

While in Oregon Pati began working at the Nike World Headquarters and Kristi continued Personal Training and pursuing her Figure Competing.  

She was able to earn her IFBB Professional Athlete status in 2006 just one year after giving birth to her daughter Talia.  

In 2011 we opened our iPhysique Gym and just 2 months later we had our little boy, Levai.  At iPhysique Gym we were able to grow and expand our community by participating and Coaching in different atheletic events.  

Pati began competing in Power lifting and went on to become a Powerlifting Champion. 

Together we began Spartan racing and got certified too as SGX Spartan Coaches and brought a team of Athletes to the Spartan Races.  

Kristi continued her Figure Competing and was able to qualify and compete at the highest level that is the MR OLYMPIA (Super Bowl of Bodybuilding) She was an Olympia Athlete 3x and also participated in the Arnold Sports International Competition placing in the Top 10.  She coached a team of Figure/Bikini/bodybuilding Athletes at the Amateur/National/Professional level and the team grew to more than 100 competitors both locally and nationwide.

We moved to Utah in 2017 to provide a better opportunity for our daughter who was entering middle school, and to create a new approach to our business.  We are now established as an Online Training and Nutrition company that allows us a more broad outreach for the clients that we service.  


ACSM Certified Personal Training Specialist – 18 years 

ISSA Specialist in Sports Nutrition – 13 years 

ISSA Specialist in Fitness Nutrition- 11 years 

ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist- 5 years 

SGX Certified Spartan Race Coach- 6 years 

CFSC-Certified Functional Strength Coach- 2 years 

IFBB Professional Figure Athlete 13 years 

WABDL Powerlifter Champion 5 years


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